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Happy New Year to you all! Welcome new Patreon members Steve, Brooke, J. Lane, Jason, Victor, Kory, Green Wolf, Jon & Jeff!

We have a special guest this episode. Marco, aka @marco_is_growing on Instagram. He also has another account on Instagram called @cannabis_naturally. He co-hosts The Bryan & Marco Show on the Future Cannabis Project  YouTube channel with Bryan, who I’d also love to have on the podcast at some point. Marco is a well respected teacher and source of knowledge when it comes to natural farming and he’s going to give us a peak into his gardening world. We don’t dive too deep, but deep enough to catch the interest of those who wish to find ways to grow fully organic for very little cost.

If you haven’t noticed, things have been shifting among the collective of society over the last couple of years and many folks, including myself, find themselves hitting the reset button on what they do for a living… or are struggling to make ends meet. Others are simply drawn to the idea of a DIY approach. I’m one of those people as well. I do my own electrical, build my own sheds, make my own beard balm, build my own fences & gates & work on my own truck unless it’s crazy. The point is there are a lot of us out there who desire to learn organic natural farming techniques and in my opinion, Marco is one of the best to look up to. He’s an old soul with a lot of knowledge and very little ego, and I like that. Enjoy!

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