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To help you learn to grow your own cannabis by way of honest conversation w/ others.

There is no shortage of information on the internet and social media regarding autoflower cannabis but let’s be honest, much of it is either outdated or just conflicts what we’ve heard elsewhere. I started this podcast to cut through the noise by recording authentic conversations with growers and others relevant to the community.


Hi there! I’m Chad Dulaney. I was born and raised in Southern California in the 90’s when cannabis was still illegal for both medical and recreational use. It wasn’t until 1996 that California passed proposition 215, allowing legal medical use. During that time and even in to my early 20’s I always smoked street weed… you know, the scraggly looking low grade stuff? We referred to it as “Mexi” back then. Anyway, it really wasn’t that great. Looking back I see now just how bad it was, which may be why it didn’t help my Tourette’s Syndrome like the stuff I grow does. Yeah, I have Tourette’s and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I don’t shout profanity like you usually see portrayed in movies and stuff. That’s known as “coprolalia” and only affects a small percentage of people with Tourette’s.

In 2016 my brother told me about RSO (a concentrated form of cannabis oil) and I took an interest to it. I hadn’t used cannabis in over 20 years but decided to give it a try. I was shocked at the results! All the pharmaceuticals I took have never worked like cannabis does. The results were outrageous… but so was the price. Dispensary cannabis can get really really pricey. All I could afford was the stuff they marked on sale or the “mids”. I decided to try to grow my own, so a local friend gave me some autoflower seeds and away I went on my learning journey! While learning I grew tired of the conflicting information on social media. Thank the gods for and my friend Ryan Dean (lead singer of Poor Man’s Poison by the way… check them out!). Between those two resources alone I learned to grow my own medicine. As a fan of podcasts I searched for one dedicated to autoflower cannabis and there wasn’t one. So… I started one and now here we are!


Autoflowering cannabis differs from popular photoperiod cannabis by automatically flowering under any light cycle, where as photoperiod cannabis requires around 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark daily in order to flower. Basically autoflowers will just grow and flower on their own regardless of how many light or dark hours they receive. This makes it beneficial for folks in warmer climates to grow year round. They also tend finish much faster than traditional photoperiod plants, some in as little as 60 days from sprout!

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Here is what listeners have to say:

Great content! This podcast approach to learning about autoflowers is great! He breaks down cannabis “slang” and makes it easier to understand as a new grower. I suggest new growers to check this out!



Excellent podcast! Great podcast, and great information. The way that each episode is presented, really breaks everything down for the new grower. Packed with info, links and direction, there is no bias or ridicule towards us “newbies”. Keep up the great work!!!



Great Podcast and Idea. Perfect idea to bring the autoflower variety of cannabis into it’s own podcast. Chad is a friendly and inviting host while having some great guests and topics.



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